Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fly Pants

(Spoiler Alert- stop reading if you are my DD and you want this to be a surprise !!!)

Some time ago, I took DD up to see my sewing teacher, Sarah Veblen, and Sarah drafted a basic pants pattern so that I could try sewing some pants for my daughter. At the time I sewed a muslin to check the fit but I never got around to using the pattern again until now. The fit was nice, I just had not taken the time to add style details like pockets, zipper, etc.

Over the weekend I had a strong urge to sew something for my daughter, and I pulled out the happiest fabric in the pile. I just love this plaid! I know DD loves bright colors and she has a soft spot for anything '80's, so I was thinking she might like pj pants.

I sewed them up, and my first thought was, "these are not fly enough for Laura".
Note: I do not use the word "fly" as an adjective; but I could hear her saying that...
So! I had enough fabric left to make big bias triangles for the side seam and large bias cuffs.
Now these pants are fly enough for Laura!
And since I was so deep into sentimental sewing, I made a shopping bag (see the little label "crafted with love" ? So cute!)
A few American goodies and some fly pants will be in the mail, on their way to Korea tomorrow.
That fabric just says HAPPY to me. I hope it says happy to my DD.
So.... when will I finish those black pants!! I started them on NOVEMBER FIRST~! It is December 14! That is a loooooong time to finish a simple pair of pants.
Happy Sewing friends~~~


  1. Fabulous! But I hope she doesn't go out shopping with her matching (still in her PJ's)

  2. LOVE that fabric! and the pants are definitely fly!

  3. LOL, yeah doesn't everybody want an entire matching outfit? (well maybe it would be fly!)

    I have fabric left over from Home Dec prpjects that I really like and if I make a jacket from it, I will match my living room. It takes alot of personality to pull THAT off!

  4. I love the added details!
    Very "fly" :) indeed.

  5. What a fun gift for your daughter! I love that plaid.

  6. Très fly pants indeed! And they are very happy-looking.

  7. I love the pj pants and the cute bag. I remember when you bought that lovely fabric for a skirt. This gift will bring sparkle to DD's eyes.


  8. Ah yes Karen, what a good memory! I bought this last summer when we had the get together. I loved it but it was a little loud for me. I heard from DD and the pants were a hit (yay:)

  9. Very cute. How is your dd liking Korea? Mine has her 3rd cold since she got there in September. She described her 6 year old students as angelic petri dishes. But, she is having a good time.

  10. Nancy, I think it's got to be a wild ride for them - ups and downs as they get adjusted. My DD found the fabric store, though! (that makes a sewing mom proud, eh? :)
    She doesn't sew but she concocted new curtains for her studio apt. Seeing that big fabric emporium in Seoul is a little tempting. But the long fligght (and jetlag) are daunting to me!


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