Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To the tune of 'Darling Clementine'

Oh my mojo,
sewing mojo,
Tell me, why did you depart?

I have fabric,
Lots of patterns
And a lot of stuff to start!


  1. You know, food from Celementine in Hamilton might help you get your mojo back!

  2. lol now the tune is stuck in my head.....

  3. lol! I tell you there is something in the air....or the stars...or something...

  4. Singing is well know to be attractive to mojo, but not my singing. I hope yours slinks back, doesn't it know everyone wants you to SWAP- or is that the problem?

  5. Hilarious! I love it!
    I've been sewing without my mojo on the advice of those who commented on my Dear mojo letter.

  6. Great song! It is going to be running through my head for a while!


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