Friday, November 7, 2008

Meandering ...

I was in Timonium yesterday and I wandered into a Home Dec fabric store called Alexander Blank, where all kinds of stuff is on sale. This fabric jumped at me - and it's asking to be made into a duvet cover. I love the overscale print and I am very fond of purple and gray.

And the windows need curtains, although I sure am reluctant to cover up this gorgeous view. I have this view from home and also from my cubicle at work. It's a miracle I get anything done. Gorgeous fall colors this year!
I sewed a curtain wadder this week. A work buddy gave me a huge amount of Home Dec lace, which I would not necessarily choose, but heck it was free, ya know? Once I had hung them, I could see stains that had not come out in the wash- it was very sad looking so off it goes.
Anybody want a ton of lace? Maybe you could die it. PLease don't ask me what it's made out of! I did wash it with regular Tide detergent and ran it through the dryer, so it is sturdy stuff.
(I wonder if entering the SWAP and the Endless Combinations contests have destryed my mojo? Seriously, I may back out of both sew-alongs because it is feeling a little smothering...)
I will think on it.
Happy Sewing!!


  1. Your autumn view is gorgeous! Maybe both competitions are too much particularly when you need to follow all the threads as well as sew to keep in touch. You could just do the EC now and jump on board of the SWAP next year if you felt like it then?

  2. Love the duvet fabric. Very sophisticated. Your view is fabulous, but you'll need something after the leaves fall. Too bad the lace didn't work, but I've noticed that curtain stains are difficult. I guess it's the combination of moisture, heat and light.

  3. I love that fabric too! Gorgeous!
    Too bad about the curtains.


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