Friday, November 14, 2008

Kitty Chronicles- Day 4

During my lunch hour on Tuesday, I visited A Fabric Place, and got a few swatches for bedroom curtains. Although most fabrics there are on the pricey side, I found a poly blend for only $5/yard that will be purrrrfect.

HOWEVER, I haven't had time to go back and get the fabric, because I found another little swatch out in the parking lot! The cutest, friendliest kitten dashed up to me and introduced herself. I went back into the store and asked Michael, "Whose cat is this?" and before I knew it she was in my car and I was dashing home to deposit her in the condo and get myself back to work. (I did have a litter box on hand just in case I wanted to bring Pepper up to visit Baltimore)

Here she is on Thursday morning, just before her visit to the vet. People walk dogs outside! Frequently! Birds fly! Often! I could not get her to turn around and look at me for a good portrait.

The visit to the vet was very good- she needed all the regular routine shots & tests and she was pronounced a healthy 5-month-old female (no I had not yet looked). Ever since the vet, all she does is sleep! But she never seems to close her eyes. Maybe that is a habit from life in the wild. It is a little unnerving.

This photo was taken on day #2. She was so affectionate and hungry for attention. This is literally the best shot I could get on day #2. This is a cat using a camera as a petting device.

And day #1. I bought some cat food at the convenience store on my way home from work and she carefully ate a small amount. I was impressed that she didn't over-eat, then barf it all up.

I've been putting feelers out to place her in a good home because we do have 2 cats already, after all. But I think she is a keeper. She could possibly be, actually, the best cat ever.
So - no curtain fabric this month!! The Animal Medical Center of Mt. Washington got the fabric money this month! LOL. I am really sticking to my self-imposed spending moratorium. I found fabric in the stash for curtains.
Happy Sewing!
(if you were a stray cat, wouldn't you go to a fabric store and wait for your new human? It was a clever strategy on her part, eh?)


  1. I am so, so proud of you. It does prove what we cat lovers say, they are extremely intelligent and canny creatures. Our current two chose us to live with, and they are (or their veterinarian bills are) the best stash busters ever. What do you call her? OllieV

  2. I had a cat who looked very much like her, and he slept with his eyes open too. He lived to be 19 years old, so maybe there's a connection...

  3. Awww . . what a cute kitty. There is a connection between cats and people who sew!

  4. Cats are very cunning indeed. Im not a cat lover but I have 3 that decided I would be their slave now.

  5. You've been chosen! Aww! How are your other two cats accepting her?

  6. She is so sweet! I wish you lived closer. I'm (sort of) on the lookout for an second cat to keep my current cat company. You cutie is about the same age as my cutie, Tangi the Terrorist.

  7. Ah what a nice thing to do!
    Lucky kitten :)& Lucky you :)

  8. One found me at church once, and another when I was voting. Always where it was never expected.

  9. What a great rescue story! I've brought home so many over the years that my husband is just glad that elephants don't run loose as I would probably have one in the pasture with the 2 horses!

  10. Ooh, I am SO glad I didn't see the pictures before you decided to keep her. I may be in love...


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