Thursday, October 2, 2008

What I sewed last night and What I Wore Today

Last night I found a half-finished project; a pair of pants cut from a pattern from Bernina My Label software. This pattern has the same pieces as Vogue 7608 by Sandra Betzina. This was great because I could use Sandra's excellent instructions to sew the fly front zipper:

The instructions are really good and I was pleased with the results.
I wore the pants today. woo hoo.

Thanks for all the great blog housekeeping ideas and offers. I found a very cute image on Etsy and I have commissioned a custom banner for only $50.  That was quick and easy and it'll be cute.
That's all for now - Ta Ta!


  1. Cool! Great pants and workspace!

  2. Very nice pants! And the fit is really good.

  3. great pants, and Sandra Betzina's zipper methods is very good. Jealous of your workspace! And wonderful to sew all those yards of curtains. That's something I don't do, knowing it would be a never ended story with me.

  4. Congratulations! It´s great work.
    Really beautiful.

  5. Strange... my comment didn't post for some reason. I was just delurking to say those are some sharp pants -- very smart on you -- and also that I'm feeling sewing room envy right now.



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