Friday, October 31, 2008

It's only 8:49am and already I am having a good day!

I found 3 blogs that focus on vintage sewing machines today! I am so happy that I added a new linking box over to the right on my blog layout.

Sewing machine junkie that I am, I have sewed on many, many sewing machines and I love metal machines the best. They just feel good. Frankly, I believe the sewing machine manufacturers are doing us a disservice in their current offerings. No matter how much money you want to spend, you can't find anything new that holds a candle to my current favorite sewing machine, a Pfaff 1475CD, which is at least 15-18 years old. And, this is obscene, but the TOL sewing machines cost upwards of $6,000. (Or more, if they can get it out of you.)

If there is a drawback to vintage machines, it is support and maintenance- it has been hard for me to find a local machine repair shop. Go into your local sewing machine dealerships and you will recognize the feeling- they operate on the car dealership model and you will feel the hard sell and the utter inability to compare brands and models. It is frustrating!

BUT- once you know how to take care of a vintage sewing machine, it is not hard AT ALL. What little I know has been learned on the internet.
Yay! Vintage machines are so sweet, everyone should have one. Kinda like a pet.

I have pet fever. I think it is empty nest syndrome. The last time I had this feeling was in 1982. And this is what happened.


  1. My every day machine is a Bernina Record 730, released in 1963. It has ONE plastic part - a replacement from when it was serviced by the previous owner. I love it and, as luck would have it, I found a great guy in San Francisco who repairs old machines. When I first bought my Record I took it to him for a tune-up. He treated it like a baby.

  2. I sew agree with you! I have a Singer Touchtronic that I picked up for $25.00 that sews circles around my $5,000.00 Brother ULT2003 and never complains when said expensive machine coughs and refuses to sew certain fabrics! I love vintage!!! Mary


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