Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cosy Jacket Finished, just in time for a chilly day

I finished my cosy jacket a week ago:
I recycled a zipper from a polar fleece vest from REI. I like having the ribbon on the zipper pull, so I left it there.
I used Bernina My Label - it's the 3/4 length coat, which I cut it to hip length.  The collar is just a rectangle - 18" long (I measured the neckline to get that number) and 4 inches tall.
Before serging the seams (I used the 4-thread stitch), I reinforced the neckline, shoulder seams, armscyes and center front seam with narrow strips of fusible interfacing. Constructing the bodice went very fast!
The bottom hem and the sleeve hems are just folded over with 1" wide elastic inserted.Let me tell you what happened with this project. I created my own pattern using Bernina My Label, so it would fit in the shoulders.  But I used instructions from a Jalie pattern for the zipper insertion. And I hand-basted the zipper seams which kept it all nicely aligned. Everything went smoothly, til I was at the very end.

I did not allow enough material for the hem! I had no choice but to toss it and cut another bodice and collar.

Thank goodness I had the extra fabric to make a 2nd go-round. I did not mind the time spent because this will be something I wear and enjoy for a long time to come.

JaneM- Thank You! I really enjoyed sewing with this wonderful fabric.


  1. It sure looks nice and warm!
    That's why I "always" buy extra, you just never know if you might need it.

  2. Nice looking jacket! It does look cozy. Glad you had extra fabric.

  3. Your jacket looks just right for keeping you warm whilst you search those yard sales, cozy, casual and smart. How annoying to run out of room for the hem, but at lease you are only down a pillow cover, and not a jacket!

  4. I'm glad that you were able save the project as it is really a cute and comfortable looking jacket. Good job!

  5. Very cute jacket, and of course a beautiful fit.
    Before using the microwave, have it checked. Over time, holes can form in the safety insulation and allow microwaves to leak.

  6. Perfect jacket for a cool morning.

  7. Looks great! Good thing you had enough fabric for round 2.

  8. It is a great looking jacket! And I'm sure it will get a lot of wear!


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