Friday, October 24, 2008

Campaign for clothes that fit!

Thank you Kathleen Fasanella of Fashion Incubator for posting exactly my thoughts about a certain Alaskan governer's wardrobe.

I guess I can see why it is wrong that she didn't pay for her own clothes. But then again, come on- she was launched onto the national stage overnight and she needed clothes FAST. As a female, I totally get that she needed new clothes!

And frankly, I don't think a 6 figure number is out of line as a clothing budget. I would not be surprised if that's what Hillary paid for all those pantsuits. What I don't get is why they went to Saks and Neiman Marcus! Get yerself a custom clothier, woman! You could have a team of people sewing fast & furious for you; turning out a nice variety of garments that fit. Heck. And who would have complained??? It was the upscale shopping that pissed people off, IMHO.

I'm just sayin'!


  1. I don't think the clothes buying was out of line. Yesterday, I read Hillary's pantsuits retailed for $6,000+ but the designer gave them to her, which I am not sure is right either per political guidelines. And you are right, if she was never in that visible a role, she wouldn't have had the wardrobe in place for these types of speaking engagements and had to do it fast.

  2. The clothing was an investment in the campaign. Who paid for M. O'Bama's clothes? (including the one with the horrible zipper) $150k is a tiny amoung of what has and will be spent on the campaign and if it was necessary to help provide the image they wanted to present, so be it. Why are clothes suspect but limos or airplanes not? It's all part and parcel of the "job". But yeah, she could have had some that fit better. Would the American media been happier if she'd bought her stuff at NY & Co.?
    Sorry, just ranting now.....

  3. I'm so glad to see that someone else has the same opinion! She was actually defending/being defended by the explanation that the clothes were many sizes & styles, 1/3 were returned in a couple of days, and another third haven't been worn. As you said, they do have to put forth the right appearance, and $6000 for Hillary's pantsuits is nuts! They just don't look that good!

  4. I still say pantyhose should be a business expense.

  5. Actually, I was saying that she could use an FBA. Sorry if it seemed like there was any political content in my post. She needs FBA, that's all I'm sayin!


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