Friday, September 5, 2008

The vintage Kenmore 158-905

See how pristine and clean it is? I think it is from the 60's. I was attracted to the mid-century modern-esque style of the cabinet. I am going for a craigslist, thrifty look in the condo (har har).
Today I looked under the machine to see if there was a foot pedal attached to the side of the machine. BeeBee suggested it & triggered my memory that the Singer 327 came that way, too.
But what I found was just a true lever - no pedal at all! I even unscrewed the back of the box, hoping to find a miracle and fearing I would have to ... do some electrical ... something-or-other.
Then I posted about it on the Yahoo Kenmore group and got a good answer that propelled me to contact a seller on eBay.
And that was the nice guy who explained to me that THERE iS a Plug. No you do not have to do anything to the wires.


I do have a manual for it now- I purchased that from Nice speedy service on that.

So I ordered the new foot pedal from him. And I am the high bidder right now on "HUGE LOT OF VINTAGE SEWING MACHINE ATTACHMENTS". Fortunately, I can compare the pictures in the manual to the pictures on eBay and that's how I know it will fit this machine.

This is lots of fun- everything is inexpensive and easy to find. I have a soft spot for Kenmores- that's what I sewed on for many, many years. They are wonderful heavy-duty workhorses.



  1. How about a pic of the cabinet? :-)

  2. Congrats on the new machine...I remember Kenmores fondly too! Had one for about 15 years before I moved onto other brands. Goodluck with the Ebay auction!

  3. That's a great machine. I sew on a vintage machine, too. The older machines are much more powerful than the current models.

  4. I love the look of vintage machines. And yours looks great!

  5. Yay for you! A fix and more parts. I thought of Carolyn, too, when you mentioned how much you loved your Kenmore as I know she loved hers.

  6. ,looking for any info or pics about a sewing cabinet sold by sears in the 1950,or so, #117 3231 I am restoring it ( next to the copper model plate is a square with some numbers on it I can only make out -( NO.10 ))contact me through yahoo jth195537


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