Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jeans are coming along ...

Black is really difficult to photograph, isn't it? I assembled the back of the pants and the pockets on the front. It only took a couple of hours. Now I need to sew the zipper, the inseam and bast the side seams. DD will try them on for a final fit, and FINISHED.
She accepted the job in Korea and leaves in mid October. WOW.
More to come!
I have completed the draperies (there are 38 yards of fabric hanging on that wall now!!).
I sewed my left ring finger last night. Yes, I sewed right through my finger and broke a needle. Fortunately, no part of the needle was left in my finger. Sheesh.
And lovely Sigrid passed along blog awards, thank you Sigrid! I'll post more soon.


  1. Wow - that's a lot of things going on right now for you! I do hope your finger is ok - I'm sure it hurt like nothing else, besides the surprise of it all.

  2. Ouch! I did that too when my dog stepped on the pedal not too long ago.

  3. Ouch! Hope your fingers OK.
    The jeans look great so far. Your daughter will be pleased.
    Will there be a trip to Korea in your future? :)

  4. Ouch! I hope your finger heals soon.

    38yds of fabric in draperies? 38 yards? Unfathomable. Do you know how many dresses that could have been? :-)

  5. oh your poor finger.
    Mid-October? {{Hugs my friend}}}. Don't worry about blogging or any of that if it cuts into time with dd before she leaves.
    The jeans are looking great too.

  6. Bless your heart, Robin!! So sorry about your finger. You're doing a great job on the jeans. Best wishes to your DD.
    Take care,


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