Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm in the final stretch with these draperies... whew

The panel on the right is now hemmed and it's being trained. It is hanging in precisely folded pleats, with strips of fabric wrapped to keep the pleats together. This will help the curtain open and close neatly. All that's left is to hem the left panel and train it and I can finally call this project finished. It seems like it has been a lot of work- but that is really because I don't have to optimal setup for making draperies. I met Welmoed Sisson at the last Baltimore GTG (she teaches window treatments on patternreview) and she has 12 foot tables.

If you have the proper space and tools, it's not any harder than anything else. And I think you would just get used to handling large amounts of fabric. It is heavy & not the easiest to just sew a straight line.
As it turns out the fabric has a really lovely drape and I am happy with the outcome. I will be REALLY happy when cold winter rolls around and I have these heavy insulated draperies.

OK, so what's up with the sewing machine there, you say? Well, if a nice barely used Kenmore shows up on craigslist, just a few miles from me (for a great price) what am I supposed to do- just leave it there? LOL. I just had to get it and indulge my curiosity. It is a wonderful machine and perfect for Home Dec sewing. Instead of a pedal, it operates with a lever. I am not too suew how I like that, if I keep it, I will look into swapping that to a pedal. That seems easy, eh?

And I thoroughly enjoy my new sewing caddy. It houses all of my thread in a way that allows me to see the color easily. I can carry it to a window or a lamp to see how the color looks in different lights. Nice.

Next up, alterations for DD and a pair of jeans I promised almost a WHOLE year ago.

That's OK, by the time I get back to sewing for myself, I am REALLY going to enjoy it!


  1. Robin: look inside the cabinet. Likely the knee lever is actually operated by the foot control that's mounted to the cabinet side. It can be a little hidden.
    Digging the caddie, btw. To have so much in so little space and so pretty! Plus, I'm a sucker for the vintage.

  2. The curtains are looking good! Great bargain on the machine!

  3. Fantastic drapes! & thank you for giving me a good idea for the next time I come across one of those sewing boxes. I have always been semi-interested in them, but felt I wouldn't use it well, as I have several sewing baskets/whatever that I keep the bulk of my sewing tools in. However, I do NOT have one place for all my thread, & I really need to get it in one place, preferably covered & that box/basket fits the bill!


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