Monday, September 8, 2008

Fabric Haul! wooooo hooooo

Hi folks- if you live in Baltimore, you know that we had torrential rain and we lost power. But, like a US mailman, I did not let that stand in my way. I went to Jane's house and we sat in the dark and chatted about sewing. Not surprisingly, we were the only ones there!
So, you know, just to be polite and all, I did eat some cookies and lemon bars. lol
And I spent my entire budget on a wonderful pile of fabrics. Mostly I got basics- black, navy blue, etc. But I also got a gorgeous green silk jersey and -what do you call that fabric on the left? boucle? Jane made a Chanel-type jacket from it and I expect I will do the same. I was giddy with success.

This piece is a brocade sort of print in black and tan, made of rayon. It is a Home Dec. fabric that Jane didn't care for once she got it home, but it is perfect for my daybed /cutting table.
I went wild (the minute hubby leaves, I just start moving and changing things- he says the place looks different every single time he sees it LOL) I put the box spring and mattress directly on the floor to get a more comfortable height for seating. Next I will pick up a piece of foam cushion and make a cover using very thick piping. I think it will be cute. It is just to look cute- not to sleep on, bu fine for sitting.
Kinda like these:

OK, well I am heading back in garment sewing very soon - dear daughter is about 98% sure she is going to Korea in a month or so. I am really proud of her and support her 100000% (choking back a sob here) . Korea is so far away. And she will be there so long.

OK, ignore those feelings....LOL> she needs a wardrobe for work. SO I will be sewing stuff for her. That will be a wonderful way to spend lots of quality time with her before she goes.

Honestly, this is feeling just as hard as when she went to college. When will this end, I say?! I keep thinking I can tell her to just come home and let me pack her lunch for school and we'll talk about it tonight at dinner. But those days are now my happy memories.

And yes, you will eventually see posts with pictures of me, visiting her in Korea. Maybe after the PR weekend in Paris? She also discussed wanting to visit Australia someday, so.... maybe I can visit there too? One can hope!!

Happy Sewing ALL!


  1. I get all choked up reading blogs of women whose daughters are leaving the nests for college or beyond. Mine is only 15 but it's gonna kill me when she's off to college. And she keeps saying she wants to live in LA when she graduates from college. (We live in the NYC area.) Sob!

  2. Nice haul. I like your travel plans,:) your daughter sounds very adventurous.

  3. How exciting for your DD! But sad for you. Thank goodness our children (in Australia) don't go off to college! So when my eldest DD goes to Uni next year she will be coming home at night.

    And nice fabric haul!

  4. Surely they make beautiful fabric in Korea, and just think you might be able to meet Vicki in Hong Kong as a stopover...and China is right next door, after all; think of all that silk. I'm sure you're already planning for a webcam.

  5. Actually, people don't really sew in Korea and you can't buy patterns here. I get my patterns sent from home. Fabric is also hard to find in smaller cities. The silk, though, is lovely. It's similar in weight and style to Chinese silk but has very particularily Korean embroidery on it.

    If your daughter's coming here to teach English, she's going to have a blast. I've been here for 5 years and my parents just visited this year, they loved it!

  6. I'll email you with a better bunch of Korea blogs. I'm useless, I never write.

  7. Sounds like you had fun...Very nice fabric. I like the bouclé:)


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