Saturday, September 13, 2008

Do you bite off more than you can chew?

I sure do. Often!
I cannot remember why I felt so positive that I could sew a grand pair of jeans, but I did. Almost a year ago, I promised my daughter I would sew her some jeans and I even went out and bought nice black denim. I pre-washed it on hot water 3 times (little tip from Debbie Cook, I believe). Back to that in another paragraph or so.

Fast forward to now- she gave me a pair of jeans that she likes and asked me to turn the bell-bottoms into straight legs. We did this once before and she liked the results well enough to do it again. It involves ripping out the entire inseam and re-sewing the seams. You can see the results below-
The seam looks normal above the knee because I sewed along the original seam line, but you can definitely tell where the flare has been removed. I guess it's OK if you love those jeans (she does).
Then, I made a pattern from these jeans (oh my! fairly brave as I have never done this before)
My process was to locate the grainline, fold and pin the jeans. I folded the paper, too, to keep my concept in front of me. The idea was to copy the seamlines from the fabric to the paper, using the folded line as my reference point. So, in the picture above, I traced the inseam first, then flipped it over and traced the side seam. I had to shift my brain down into my hands to feel may way as to where to mark. When it is hard to see what I am doing, I think in terms of shifting my perception to my hands to feel my way through.

After an hour or so, I had all of my pattern pieces. Ready to cut. Okayee!
Maybe tomorrow!
A few more comments about this process-
A nice big workspace is a necessity. When I was making the draperies, it was so very painful not to have enought workspace.

The lines on the cutting board will help keep things aligned. And if I had pressed these pants first, it would have been helpful.

The pants will be built one section at a time; backside right, backside left, then join the two backsides together.
On the front, I will sew the pockets, then attach them to the fronts, then, finally sew the zipper in.
Sew front to back and attach waistband and beltloops.

Simple enough, right? Yeah well-> I have procrastinated as long as I can get away with. She wants her jeans and who am I to say no?

Won't it be fun to sew for myself again?!! YES.
Just a couple more weeks of duty sewing.


  1. Of course you can sew a fabulous pair of jeans, have no fear!Your sewing is terrific. I give you the noble mother award of the weekend for your work on this. Tracing off a pattern from your daughter's favourite pair is inspired, but (whispering) are they a bit stretched from being worn all the time? Maybe you should trim a bit in the stretchy spots so they are not baggy - although you probably know this already. I have previously managed to totally mess up a pair of pants by forgetting this issue :)

  2. Robin, you will sure make a great pair of jeans. And yes, promises to daughters.... I promised mine a white blouse from the January BWOF issue, now she regularly reminds me of this (but in a friendly way, not complaining).

  3. I think you can do it too :) and they will look wonderful.

  4. Hi Robin,
    a short note to let you know I passed awards to you on my blog.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences on your blog, Sigrid

  5. Sure love your sewing area! Drool, drool . . .


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