Friday, September 26, 2008

Blog Housekeeping

I really need to smarten things up here. I finally have some ideas as to how I wish to organize my blog, and I have some examples of blog design that I like. Now I need help!! (And I am will to pay cash money for it).

Sometimes I sneak around and read my DD's blog (always an iffy proposition because do I really want to know how much fun she is having? Ummm ... I prefer to operate from the Mom Platform; Honey, what Great Grades you got! Cute Outfit, honey! I love your new haircut! Congratulations on snagging the job you wanted, and Way to Go on Being Brave enough to go to Korea by Yourself! I love You! ... Yes, I feel better in that mode!!!)
But, what I am saying is that some of her friends clearly have the skills to help me, but how do I ask without getting busted that I read their blogs, too?? what to do, what to do....

Not to mention, why aren't my recent reviews from getting refreshed on my little banner over there?
Well, if anyone has ideas to help me find the find person to update my blog, just lemme know.


  1. Go to widget and refresh code. Then refresh your blog page. That works for me.

    Good luck with finding someone to fix up your blog. I searched the Internet for blog designers but the prices they quoted were outrageous for the minor changes I wanted to make. Are the changes such that we could help you out? I ended up tweaking my blog myself.

  2. yep, ditto on the 'refresh widget' gig. It usually does it automatically but I have to refresh about every month or so.

  3. Try Etsy. I haven't used them for it, but they have some talented people there, and usually the prices are good.

  4. Play dumb...ask your daughter's friend if any of them are familiar with maintaining a blog and if so, would they consider helping you out? ;-)

  5. Just ask, blogs are out there for the world to read. You are a part of that world right? If you think their work is great tell them so and ask if they would help spruce up your blog. I'm sure your daughter would think you are cool just wanting to be a part of the blog world with your own group of friends. :)

  6. I think they'd be flattered if you asked them! If you are looking for a cute header, some color changes and like my style, I'd be happy to help you. :)

  7. Hallo!

    I found this link to your blog from Sink or Schwim. I'm not sure what kind of changes you want for your blog but I'd be happy to lend a hand also. I'm constantly playing around ("tweaking") my own blog. Hardly a professional but I'd be happy to try, or to point you in the right direction ...



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