Friday, August 29, 2008

UNCLE! she cried

We switched email software at work, so I had to deal with that big fat migration of data, with downtime, etc. And while we were at it, we moved up to Microsoft 2007 products. Don't get me wrong- I can now have 1.2 million rows on a spreadsheet. Wasn't it so lame when we only had 65,000 rows? (she said sarcastically).

But I gotta relearn how to navigate all this stuff. Some of my co-workers have set up the new software to look like the old software, and I am too lazy to even do that. I will just get used to it.

But don't you just get tired of getting used to things? Sheesh.
It's the gnats that get ya.


  1. I know how you feel, that 2007 version is so different, but only superficially. You wouldn't have liked to hear me in my first days working with it seriously. All those new buttons eventually open up the old familiar dialogs. Just the extra trouble to find them!

  2. Thank you Sigrid, I appreciate your sympathy :)

    You are right- I have just clicked on all the buttons and they work!
    I guess I can get used to it ...

  3. Ugh! And we just got in the update for our major billing program - so not looking forward to loading that up!

  4. I started using 2007 last year, at first it does look surprising different. But as others mentioned it is all there. Now that I've have gotten accustomed to it I hate using 2003! I love the ribbon on 2007, it keeps all the most often used items for me at an easy location. It truly is easier to use once you get accustomed to the changes.


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