Monday, August 4, 2008

sewing without a plan ...

I sewed a few knit tops recently and a knit dress for my DD. I used a Bernina My Label pattern for the dress and noticed a glaring mistake in a key measurement after it was finished. Sigh.
That is one thing about BML - always double check the model's measurements. It will re-calculate some measurements and you must go back and check every measurement one last time and correct any new re-calculations. Well, it was good practive sewing with knits and I left it in her room so she can pick it up next time she stops by. Maybe she can chop it off and wear it as a top? Who knows.
After that little fiasco, I wanted a quick win, so I sewed this sweet flirty little skirt from another rayon knit from EmmaOneSock (I am hooked her her fabrics and the way she packs them in tissue paper like litte presents!)
And look at what the mailmain brought for me! Magazines all the way from kbenco in Australia.
What a pleasure these have been! The one on the left is devoted to embroidery and comes complete with instructions for select projects. The other it Australian Stitches magazine. It is sooo interesting to read a magazine I had only heard about. There are a LOT of meaty articles and of course, I am fascinated with all the advertisements and subtle differences between a US publications and one from Oz.
The feature projects are really cute little Asian themes:
I may ask my neighbor to help me get started with some hand embroidery.

Next up is a jacket from Burda WOF. I have sewn a muslin of #131 from May 2008. I am in the mood to sew something trendy. It will look cute with my orphan skirt shown above.
Even with all this fabric in the cupboard, I don't have anything suitable. A trip to the fabric store is in order.
I worked a long day on Saturday so I am taking Monday off for a little personal sewing.

I also received some industrial sewing machine needles in the mail from Martha Domke- THANK YOU! Those will be good for heavy duty sewing - like canvas.
The sewing community is so generous and thoughtful. It is truly heartwarming. And fun!
Happy Sewing, Friends!


  1. The skirt is so cute! What a pick me up. Other than the problems this weekend with the knit dress, are you still happy with your BML software? Do you use it a lot? I am still contemplating the purchase.

  2. Sewing World MagazineAugust 5, 2008 at 3:10 PM

    The skirt looks great!

    Would you like to see a sample of our UK sewing magazine to see how it differs from the US ones?

    Here what the guide at had to say about it..

    Sewing World

    I was VERY fortunate to get my hands on a few issues ofSewing World Magazine. The UK variation from typical US sewing magazines had me considering moving! Wonderful pictures and reviews to show what is available, where the sales are and more. A magazine WELL worth a subscription!

  3. Isn't it wonderful getting things in the mail!!! And I'm jealous about the Stitches Magazines...I use to be able to find them in NYC but not lately!

  4. Yes it IS wonderful to get things in the mail!! It sure did brighten my day.

    Karen, I LOVE Bernina My Label and I would not hesitate to buy it again, knowing what I know now. I made the skirt using the BML 8 panel skirt pattern.

    And Sewing World magazine from the UK? Ummm, Yeah!

  5. Hi, would you be interested in an Aus/US mag swap??? It's so difficult to get our hands on Burda WOF, and Threads!!

  6. Lovely skirt, that fabric is wonderful. I've ordered a few times from EmmaOnesock, and if postage wasn't that high, I would order more often.

  7. To anyone interested in Australian Stitches magazine: It is definitely still distributed in the US and UK. For more information, please email the editor Lynn Cook at and she will point you to your local distributor.

  8. Robin - I received the latest newsletter from the Phoenix ASG chapter today and thought you might like to know that your blog is included in a list of five sewing website suggestions.



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