Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Restoration of the White House (& how it relates to me)

When Jackie Kennedy became first lady, she launched the restoration of the White House.

From wikipedia, "Her skillful management of this project was hardly noted at the time, except in terms of gossipy shock at repeated repainting of a room ..."

And this, folks, is how we keep things in perspective.
I am not feeling those curtains!

From Big Ideas for Small Spaces , a Sunset book by JoAnne Liebeler; featuring JoJo's Notebook, I found this photograph of the exact same curtain rod. I likeee!!! And believe me, these panels are going to be waaaaay easier to make.

So, just like Jackie Kennedy (LOL!!!) I am trying again. Down come the black and white panels, and next up will be something a whole lot quieter. I wanted the bold black and white to help work with Darth Vader, the portable A/C unit. But I have changed my mind ... again ... and that's that.


  1. Good for you! Looking forward to see what you try next :))

  2. Curtains twice!!!! I award you the noble home dec medal. I am interested to see your next version.


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