Saturday, August 9, 2008

my current project

hmmm these might not be the greatest pictures... but here goes, anyway.
I got the urge for a trendy jacket. This particular burda pattern from the May issue of World of Fashion wants to be in my closet. (I like the top, too!)

I sewed a muslin- and made a few adjustments. The burda plus patterns fit me beautifully in the shoulders! (who knew? yay!!) I just cut a size 44, based on my measurements and voila. I also added a center back seam and vertical darts in the back took it in quite a bit in all three places at the waist. I never realized exactly how my body is shaped until I started bogging and posting pictures of my sewing and my quest for properly fitted clothing. So I highly recommend the liberal use of a digital camera, whether you keep it private or post it. Too bad I waited 51 years to see myself! Ha!Hee hee, this is NOT radioactive material. I altered the contrast in the photo editing software, to make the design a little more obvious. In addition to the shaping seams in the back, I removed almost all of the gathered peplum. All I want is a suggestion of volume - not a big fat tutu!

For muslin fabric I used some very pretty linen /cotton blend that I bought from Michael's during a sale. It was $6/yd and I bought quite a bit, planning to make curtains in the condo. Well, I washed it in hot water and dried this stuff on high heat -3 times!- and it still wrinkles like crazy.

You win some and you lose some!
I have devoted all of it to muslin fabric now.

Or, as my honey likes to call it, muslim. He's always asking me if I have sewn any Muslims lately. One of these days I am going to slip and say it, too, and I am sure it will be in a very non-politically-correct moment.
LOL !!
Happy sewing friends!


  1. Very cute jacket. And I like the top too. Yes taking photos sure does tell a story doesn't it?

  2. I used to have a boss with a marginal education, but wanted to appear important. He once told us, in a staff meeting, about the Akloids someone had one. Of course that's now our standard and I'm REALLY afraid I'll say it sometime. LOL.
    I like your jacket, nice changes. What are you making the real one out of? Now that you're done with the muslim?

  3. I like your muslin. You're going to have a really nice jacket.

  4. Nice choices. Your jacket is going to be CUUUTTEE! The May 2008 issue has some really nice designs.


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