Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How Full Should Draperies Be?

When I was growing up, my mother was really into interior design. As children do, I absorbed her standards without noticing that other people might not even care. About drapery fullness, for example. She said you should always make your draperies 3x the width of the window treatment, just to be lush. I guess the norm is 2.5x.

Here are the draperies with 2 panels- which was not even 1x.
Here are 4 panels, which is about 1.5x
And here it is with 6 panels which is 2.25x-ish:
I think I have enough fabric to make 2 more panels, and that would get me to 3x.
I know you don't want to cross my mama, but do I really need more?

Today I sewed a bunch of things for Kelly and I got distracted and sewed a curtain for the bathroom. Yep, I have taken time off from work just to putter and feather the nest. When I looked at my attendance record I had THIRTY accrued vacation days. That is 6 weeks, for crying out loud. We have finished year-end close, so what the heck, I AM on a sewing VACAY.

Having fun, too. Next I want to sew some bolsters for Daniel to take to college. I need to find some really fun fabric..... where is the camouflage department?


  1. I like the drapes - but even more, what a great view you have with big windows for lots of sunlight. This makes a nice sewing room

  2. I would definitely add another panel. The full curtains look fantastic, and since you have such a great window, you can get away with more fulness. Who knows, maybe I grew up in a 3x house myself, . . .


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