Friday, August 15, 2008

Honey, did you order a giant package of spaghetti?

Because if you did, it came in the mail today.

That's the email I got, announcing my curtain rod is here!! In a very long tubular package.

I have always wanted curtains that hang all the way from the ceiling and I just love those privacy curtains they have in the hospital. So functional! And I want a funky retro modern vibe. So I ordered a ceiling mounted track and some hooks and found lotsa yardage at IKEA in the discontinued bin.

Now I don't really like sewing home dec. projects, so I need to rev up my mojo with some inspiration. This has caused me to search the internet and get a little distracted by toile and damask, especially the way Greg Natale uses it in his super-sexy & original modern sophisticated retro style. Yowza! And then I found these stunning fabrics ...
Which led me to this post on Sew, Mama, Sew! blog.
Whew!! All that while laying around with my laptop, petting the cat.

Thank goodness for an incentive! Unfortunately, I won't be able to cover my walls, bed and lampshade with eleventy-twelve yards of fabric. That would involve the extremely satisfying act of BUYING fabric, but... let's not go there.

But I will make my quirky curtains. Here is the "before" shot. Now let's see if I can hold my own feet to the fire and make this project happen! For some reason, making a tutorial about sewing curtains sounds a lot more fun to me than making curtains. I guess they will be the by-product of my tutorial. heh heh

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  1. :)), spaghetti curtain rods, great idea. Good luck with your home dec sewing. Yesterday I sewed cushion covers, how dull, but at least they don't need fitting.


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