Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fabulous Fabric (on sale, too!)

Can you even believe what I found for $1/yard?! This is labeled 100% viscose made in Italy. I bought the whole bolt for $25. If you are local to Baltimore, there is a table with $1/yard fabrics at A Fabric Place. This fabric is black & tan with a lot of white woven in, so it has a very soft muted effect. Just what I wanted. The new strategy is to go with grays and tans. Of course there will be pops of color, but this is an easier background - more soothing. With fabric shopping, you win some and you lose some- big win for me today. Also pictured is the fabric I selected for Daniel's bolsters. He likes his vintage and I thought this cotton plaid had that look. It coordinates nicely with the bedspread I want to send with him to Boston. We'll see how that goes. You know these young adult children are picky!! But I know he will like and take the bolsters because he appreciates anything handmade. I love that about this generation. They like to recycle and they appreciate frugality (go green!).
I was a young adult in the 80's, and I freely admit I was a yuppie!
But hey, it seems to have paid off, look at how our kids are turning out. I am so incredibly proud of the three we share.

After I have finished with these curtains, I will create a Lessons Learned (aka Tutorial) on how to sew these kinds of curtains. And I'll be looking to give-away or sell all the extra fabric I acquired. (email me or post if interested - I'll post on craigslist, too)

I've learned so much on my housewife's vacation.
ha ha- with the condo now, frankly- we cannot afford a real vacation! But, I couldn't be happier. I am enjoying every minute of this week's domestic activities.
Happy Sewing and Domesticity!


  1. What a bargain! And a different look. Much softer without being girly.

  2. Beautiful fabric - I really like it. And a great bargain too! Staycations (or sewcations) are my favorite. I"d be perfectly happy to let everyone else go on vacation so that I could stay home and sew without being interrupted!

  3. Lovely fabric, I am interested in acquiring whatever is left.


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