Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Draperies for the Sewing Studio

I am starting to think of this condo as my sewing studio. DH really doesn't care how I organize things- all he needs is space to sit and read a book or watch TV. So I can devote the living room to sewing. The major advantage of using the LR for sewing is location. The only thing below is the entry to the building, so the sound of the serger won't disturb my neighbors. That sucker is loud!

Here you get an idea of what I am working around. The window A/C is hideous! It looks so ugly hanging off the front of the building and the windows are very old and rattly. Every time the compressor kicks in, I am afraid the whole contraption will fall down to the ground. And it blows nasty cold air right at you. I've stopped using it, because we bought a portable A/C- and it works so much better. It does look like Darth Vader, though. Oh well, it was the only one left at Home Depot and it was on sale. We installed the hospital drapery rod to the ceiling. This allows the curtian to hang 6 inches from the wall, thus clearing the heating elements below the window.
Oh, did I mention I lack design talent. So, I copy ideas. In this case I am copying Nate Berkus. I am putting lots of black and white as my background colors. Then, whatever comes afterward will look chic, right?
So now I am in the decision-making phase. How full do I want these curtains? I am experimenting here. Below, the curtains are 1.5 x the total width of the window treatment.
I am off to JoAnns to buy more of these hooks so I can hang more panels and see what is most pleasing.
I'll post more pics of options. Feel free to chime in with your opinions!
The curtains will definitely be backed with light blocking material to insulate from extreme heat and extreme cold. These windows are OLD and not getting replaced any time too soon.
Happy Sewing!


  1. I love your black/white concept! Much of my house is very neutral so that I can just add splashes of color. If I had it my way the whole place would be various shades of grey, but alas I'm not the only one who lives here.

  2. I am a warm type of girl and I would find black and white (even with colour) too stark. However, having said that, I do think it is looking good - and lucky you to use the LR for the sewing room!


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