Thursday, July 10, 2008

What I sewed last night and What I Wore Today

OK, I am really trying to do 2 things- update my style and sew clothes that fit. As we all know, from watching TV shows like What Not To Wear, there will be tears. Just kidding. Or maybe not. I am just like most of my bloggin friends - I am getting older and the body does what it will.

OK enuf rambling- I sewed the Christine Jonson Princess Seam top. I cut between a Med and a Large and that worked perfectly. I added a half inch for a rounded upper back and I moved the shoulder seams a half inch forward. I moved the sleeve cap a little forward, too. That's it.
I figured the stretch fabric ought to forgive any other fitting issues.

How often can you sew a top (first time using that pattern, too!) and wear it the next day? Um, like never!! SO I am very pleased. I will sew this again with more adjustment to the neckline... and I will write a review on where I get so much valuable info. Must make time to give back, too!

Since I am looking for feedback on updating my style and fitting adjustments, give me your thoughts- don't hold back if it is not positive. I want the unadorned truth and I am not scheduled to go on What Not To Wear any time soon.


  1. Ok, Robin, the unadored truth is it's SUPER on you!!! :>)) I LOVE the style, the print , and the fit. If you were wanting to update your style, you've done it with this!

  2. Obviously, I can't spell this morning, I meant 'UNADORNED" truth! Nedra

  3. I can only say I *wish* white pants and patterned tops looked that good on me. You're curvy in all the right places and look current too!

  4. I like the style and I think the fit looks great! I'm trying to do the same thing as far as updating and making it fit. I keep sewing dressier clothes than what I want and need. My work environment can be whatever I want - everyone else (all 6) is very casual. A few years ago when I lost a lot of weight, I really wanted to dress nicer. Now I have gained some of it back and just want more casual clothes that fit. You are inspiring me so keep sewing LOL

  5. Looks great - very summery with the white trousers, but can transition into fall with darker trousers or skirt and boots. Sandals would be fun, too.

  6. Oh, I like it very, very much! Great use of printed fabric, and black and white is always such a chic color combo.
    The only suggestion I might make is to perhaps loosen the hem/bottom band? Or shorten the front length a smidge?
    In the last couple of photos it looks like maybe the front is hanging lower than the back making the hem a diagonal line? This can give the false impression of a shelf butt (a fitting difficulty I always have to keep an eye on).
    But perhaps it's the angle you have to stand at to take the photo? In which case...never mind!

  7. I think you rock that outfit! I love the color combo, too.
    Your hair looks really pretty in these pictures - shorter and away from your face on the sides. I think it gives you a youthful look (always a good thing).
    How does the shirt look with the band hidden? I'm wondering if that thick black line across your hips makes a difference.

  8. You look great! Love the fabric and style.

  9. I really love your outfit! I seems to be both comfortable and stylish, so in my opinion you have a winning combination here!

  10. Oh, thank you all! The black band at the bottom is a cami I wore underneath. And the longer part in the front is where I pulled it down over my tummy (as if that would hide it?) Duh. Pictures tell the truth!! I will stop pulling this top down in the front. If anything, it accentuates the non-flatness.

    This is made from poly knit, which I was afraid would not breath. Good news, it is pretty darn comfortable on a hot day. This is a new breed of polyester!

  11. I'm so (sew) with you on the getting older changing shape trying to make clothes that fit. Yep, the top is great really. At first I was thinking white trousers....??? then I remembered it's summer where you are, while it's deepest darkest winter where I am. It looks great. Really. We'll do the 'what not to wear' when you're in need, as long as you return the favour.

  12. Looking GOOOOOOOD! Truly nice fitting top and you didn't seem to have to do much to it.

    Like you I need a wardrobe uplift and this body of mine keeps changing. I like that you were able to make minor adjustments and get a great fit. This pattern is in my stash to do one day!

  13. Can I just say "ditto" to all the above comments! Looking good girl!

  14. I like this outfit on you as it is quite fitted. You have nice curves and you (IMHO) should wear more fitted clothes. I would like to see your jackets a bit more fitted too :)

    Your skirt on the previous post looks pretty hot! Love that style. I have made quite a few from a similar Burda WOF.


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