Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Sewing ... carrying on

I sewed a quick skirt to wear on July 4th. I used the remainder of the rayon /linen Zegna. It is interesting fabric. I can easily picture it made up as a mens' suit. It is beefy and a little scratchy. I wasn't sure if that would bother me. But it breathes! And it barely wrinkles at all. So this fabric is now a big favorite for me. Unfortunately, I bought this quite a while back and Michael doesn't have any more.

I used New Look 6463, with modifications. I didn't want any bulk from a drawstring, so I added a center back seam and darts (I just cut it a little big, then did pin-fitting right on the garment- I have made this skirt before so I knew it would fit OK).

For the waistband, I used tips picked up from Carolyn (sewingfanaticdiary) and others on Stitchers Guild sewing discussion forum. I sewed a very narrow twill tape to prevent a droopy wasitband and then I just finished it off with bias tape. Quick (at 11pm!) sewing for wearing the next day.

Over the weekend, I left my camera in Baltimore, so I missed all kinds of fun shots. Gah! My brother came up from North Carolina so the family time was extra special. We don't manage to get together as often as I'd like.

And then there was The Bike. Wow. My husband found an old (vintage!) 3-speed Schwinn bicycle on the side of the road- up for free. He put new tires, a new seat and it is so great. We biked on Saturday and Sunday and I have a new love.

Sewing? I finished the LR draperies made from the incredible silk. It was a bear to sew- mostly the amount of fabric is super annoying to handle. But the speed of the Juki was a true pleasure. That's a lotta loooong seams, so fast sewing is a plus.

And the photos are now posted- the June Capsule Contest is ready for voting. The sewing and fashion skills are truly impressive. This was a fun sew-along.

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