Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More communal sewing

We do have a sewing lounge in Baltimore! I remember now; at the Sewing Expo last year I met Blondell Howard and she told me of her dream to open a sewing lounge. How nice it is to read this article about her place called the Sassy Sewer.
And there the Stitch Lounge in San Francisco. And the Sewing Lounge in Minnesota.

If I could have another career, I'd like to sell sewing machines. I'd love to run a sunshine-filled shop with brand new industrial sewing machines and a mechanic on site. We'd also carry home machines like Pfaff, Bernina, Janome and lots of vintage machines. And space - there would be a nice sized room to use for learning and hanging out.

Sometimes I google around, in search of information on how to become a sewing machine dealer, but alas, I have not found much info. It seems to be sorta like becoming a car dealer, or getting a liquor license. Mysterious and difficult.

I just think that's the gap in the market around here. And I want to be the frisky senior citizen lady who will help you pick out the absolute perfect machine for you in your budget.
Of course, that means I want to learn how to repair them, too.
So, these are my daydreams! If you have helpful info, please do tell!


  1. Hope you get your dream one day. A friend and I have often talked about owning a sewing lounge....

  2. Sigh - we have the same dream. Mine includes a fabric store with the machines.

  3. This sounds like a great new career.
    I was thinking about your embroidery and thought you might like this blog This lady has some very good tutorials for Indian embroidery, which is really good on garments, as the stitching is simple and quite robust.

  4. Ray White (in MO?) has a school specifically to train people in how to repair sewing machines. It sounds real interesting. There are some reviews on patternreview regarding his school.


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