Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Coat muslin - style changes

I was just over at the Coat Sewalong Blog and I noticed I posted my muslin a full week after the deadline. Woops- I apologize Marji!

And I have considered those sleeves a bit more- they are currently jacket-like in circumference. I would definitely need to make them bigger if I intend to wear this over heavier winter clothes. On the other hand, it might be nice to have a coat for the milder days.

To be determined.

And in the meantime, there is a sale on at Vogue Patterns, so natch, I went over there looking for ideas. And I found one! I already own Vogue 7942 and I think I'll morph this lapel & collar and front closure onto the Bernina muslin. OK, I think I am in business!

Thanks you guys for the positive feedback on the chiffon top. I was not sure at all. But I will pursue the slip dress idea. Bernina My Label has one of those too.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Well, you got my coat sewing mojo going again. I was about to give up. I'm late, Marji is up to her neck in projects, and I don't trust myself to do the fitting. I'm going to do my best and hustle over to Pattern Review fitting help if I really need help. I wish I had thought about using My Label for the coat although I do like the Burda pattern I'm using. Now that I see yours, I wish that I had. Your muslin looks pretty good from my beginner eyes. I agree about the sleeves, though. You'll certainly get more wear from the coat if they are larger. Yes, something has to be done with that collar but you already know that. BTW, the chiffon top looks awesome. Happy sewing!

  2. um,
    Rose already knows this, but I extended the "deadline" since I'm behind.
    No apols, please!

    I spent all day today on the next steps and documenting the process, so I plan to post tomorrow afternoon or Thurs AM at the latest, the cutting steps. Meanwhile, go ahead and muslin all the way through July, my friend.


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