Monday, July 21, 2008

A Coat for the Sew-Along

Sheesh, I apologize for the low quality photos lately. On my to-do list! I forgot all about Bernina My Label- that has a coat pattern in it. What if? ... what if it fits OK and I can use this for my coat? I sewed it up and it's not bad-
The collar is a little strange. And there is a collar stand that I did not sew on, so you can't judge by what you see here.
But it seems to fit pretty well and it feels comfortable. Here it is hanging in the window!
And the back (the shoulders really do feel good)
There was one weird thing on my first try- the slope of the shoulder seam on the front piece was crazy slanted. And it made the coat too tight around my armpit. So, I drew in a straigher line and adjusted the pattern, adding a little extra to accomdate the shoulder pad. The I sewed the 2nd muslin (the one you see above)

Hmmmm. I had been planning to sew Vogue 7979, but this is pretty darn similar. Last year, I sewed Vogue 7978 because I had that pattern fitted to me by Sarah Veblen.
Well, what do you think? Honestly, I would love to sew something more stylish, but getting a decent fit is the obstacle. I sorta need to go with what I have.


  1. I like it :) I don't think it is unstylish - just classic. You could easily change the collar - maybe using V7979

  2. It looks great - very classic. It looks like you're wearing a T-shirt under it. How does it feel with a jacket on?

    Your BML garments, mock-up included, always make me wish for somebody to measure me so I could use mine.

  3. I think your muslin looks good. I like the look of the fit.

  4. I like the look. I think you should put it on over top of some heavier garment that you would wear in the winter to check the fit. You may need to add some to this muslin for that. I like what you do with My Bernina Label software.


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