Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Breezy sewing

Sewing this chiffon feels like I am sewing wisps of clouds together. We had a break in the heat and I was able to open the windows and have fresh air instead of air conditioning. What a pleasure!

This still needs the bottom half of the back to be sewn on. I am sewing French seams, so each seam is its own little mini-project. This is my kind of sewing: very zen-like. Easy to get lost in.
I will, however, want to sew a nice easy cotton after this!


  1. Fun! Is this the 07-2008 Caftan/tinic top from BWOF? It looks like it would be very hard to sew. Yikes.

  2. This is going to be beautiful, Robin. I have not yet dared to tackle chiffon. I'm sure all your efforts will pay off!

  3. Your top is really looking good! I know exactly what you mean about sewing chiffon. I made two tops out of it back to back and I was ready to sew some cotton too.


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