Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Knit Top

I was so pleased with the Christine Jonson 426 pattern that I sewed it again. It only took one evening and I wore it the next day. Inspired by a post on PatternReview by LauraLo, I decided to apply fusible bias tape to the seams. Since I didn't have the product she used, I just cut strips of fusible interfacing on the bias.
I pressed 1/2 inch strips onto the edges and then I sewed 3/8" seams- just enough to catch the fused portion in my seam. Then I serged right up to the edge of the seams.
I absolutely love the way it makes the garment feel. My upper body is not the greatest coat hanger. Clothes just fall right off my sloping forward shoulders and the reinforced seams are very nice to keep the garment from stretching out. Plus, it sure did make the sewing easier.
The fabric I used is a nylon mesh knit from Emma One Sock. It is so thin that if you aren't careful, it will get sucked right into to the throatplate. I must get myself one of those straight stitch throatplates, which has a much smaller hole for the needle, to use with filmy fabrics. You can also place a small piece of tissue beneatht the fabric as you start your seam. It tears away easily afterwards.

So ... I took adantage of a sale and I got a couple yards free. It was a good incentive because I was never sure if I'd like the mesh knit. I do! It is not as sheer as I thought (feared) it would be. It is very stretchy. It actually turned out a little baggy looking, so I sewed up the last piece into a sash. With the belt, it looks fine.

Heck, I am learning to always expect the unexpected. What a gift we have from Project Runway, ie "Make it work!". I find I need to make it work more often than I care to admit.

And the mesh knit is wonderfully cool for a hot summer day. The fabric doesn't fray, so you could experiment with ruffles or whatever, and leave them unhemmed. I likeeeee!

I am wearing the top with a skirt I sewed up early in the month. It is a rayon-linen blend and also very comfortable.
Happy Summer Sewing!


  1. Your top is lovely and goes really well with the skirt. I love meshes - easy to sew and fun to wear.

  2. Neat top! I like the sash. You don't have a straight stitch throat plate? I find it absolutely indispensable.

  3. Nice Top! Don't you love those quick knit tops? Anyone who doesn't sew would not realize how fast they go together.

  4. Very nice! Great tip about the fusible bias tape in the seams - I'll have to try that. I've never tried sewing with a mesh knit - good to hear that you liked it.

  5. What a great top! And I like the visual of Laura's tip ~ thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. Very creative and cute too! Your skirt is a perfect match.


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