Monday, April 7, 2008

Weeknight sewing! SWAP Deadline Looms!

I just thought this is an interesting sleeve - look at how different this looks compared to a "normal" sleeve. I have a forward shoulder - so the cap of the sleeve is pushed to the front (the right side in the picture below).
And I know this sleeve fits me, it is from Bernina My Label. I should get a job working for them. I am still in awe that their patterns fit me.
So, I have my shoulder pads ready- I cut some foam pads and covered them with silk cut on the bias and steamed on the ham. Oh that sounds nice, eh? Sometimes I call my shoulder pads my "falsies". I steamed my falsies on my ham. Oh yeah.

And my cuffs are are ready. I just measured the circumference of my arm as it was folded and cut two rectangles for two cuffs. And I just did not have time to re-draft the sleeve to make it slimmer. But then again, is that necessary? I will just make a few little tucks to make it fit into the cuff and that's that.
At this point, I will definitely get it done.
Just a couple more seams and I am there!

So that begs the question, will I try to sew garment #11 by Friday? I am brainstorming ... what can I sew really quickly?
Or will I go out and buy something - the rules permit one purchased item.
Are we having fun yet? Um, YES.


  1. Keep going - you're so very close to finishing!

  2. Can't wait to see all your SWAP pieces together.
    PS- I call my false tooth (I guess technically it's a crown?) my falsie!

  3. Nice falsies! Love the shaping you've done. Your blog is new to me, and I've had fun here. OK, I'm putting you in the blog list at The Stitchery so I'll remember to come back again!

  4. Good job, Robin, on getting some sewing done in the little bits of time you can snatch!

    The shape of your sleeve is quite familiar to me. I've started cutting my sleeves very similar to this and have been extremely pleased with the fit. I've also changed the front and back armscye as well, and I'm curious if BML's armscyes look different than what you typically see on patterns.

  5. You have done very well with My Label by Bernina. I keep looking at the demo I have but I don't even get full use of PMB, my issue not the program.


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