Sunday, April 27, 2008

cardigan and shell

The Timmel SWAP Contest results are available for viewing, just click here. I was pretty frazzled at the end, but that feeling gave way to great satisfaction. I enjoyed the comradery of sewing & chatting about it for six months with friends at Stitchers Guild. Julie Timmel puts on one heck of a sewing party! And generous, too. I got a pattern as reward for participating. I picked the Jalie City Coat (you can see Heather's version on the contest link).

And so, I continue to sew. I also entered the patternreview Wardrobe Contest and I finished one of my tops yesterday. I am not sure if I will make the deadline of April 30. I still need to finish the denim pants and a tote. I'll keep sewing a little on the side and who knows, maybe I'll make it!

The last step of the knit top was to sew buttons and by that time, I knew that fabric was not going to be happy about buttonholes. It is a super cozy rayon knit- very sweatery. It was hard to sew even a straight line, forget buttonholes. So I sewed a large snap at the top and I really like it that way. Fortunately, I bought a coordinating fabric at the same time (love EmmaOneSock for that feature on her website!) So I have a shell to sew next. And after that, I'll start sewing a summer capsule in the blues stacked on my pressing /cutting table.
The first thought upon waking this morning was that I had de-railed my Wardrobe Plan! The cardigan was supposed to be a top (and the buttons allowed me to sneak it in as such). Now it cannot be worn solo!
My thought is to relax and enjoy another cup of tea on this lovely, gray & drizzly Sunday morning.

And to my DH, thank you for your support over the last six months. I could not have sewn all these garments without you being such a domestic delight! May we have many more Downtown Dates!


  1. Robin, your cardigan is beautiful! I love the fabric. I can't wait to see it together with the coordinating shell.

  2. I love prints...and this one is beautiful and in MY colours :)
    The cardigan looks great!

  3. Tea and a downtown date with the love of your life infinitely beats meeting the rules sometimes!
    Your top/cardi looks very feminine and pretty,

    and do you know that when a person is on vicodin (which I'm back on) deciphering those bleepin' verification things are impossible. Knock on wood but I took mine off a month ago and so far haven't had an issue with spammers. When I put it back on you'll know that honeymoon ended -now to see if I can get the right combo of letters to post this comment.

  4. You know, have you considered other closure options for your top/cardigan? What about sew-in snaps to make it a top? You could even sew faux-buttons on top of the snaps if buttonholes are not an option. I think it looks really pretty right now though too.

    I had to bust-up laughing about the word verification thing. I'm not on anything and half the time my comment does not post because I get the letters wrong. lol.

    I hope I'm doing multiple postings. This doesn't seem to be working. Delete any multiples okay?? Sorry.

  5. Lovely top and such sweet thoughts!

  6. I still see it as a top. Lots of tops need camis underneath so that the they are decent. This is the same. You can still wear another layer under or over.

    It is very pretty :)

  7. You have such great prints. This top is really pretty and feminine.


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