Sunday, April 6, 2008

Just a little sewing on the side this weekend

Life is busy! Lots going on, but I squeezed in a little sewing.
I am using Bernina My Label's tunic pattern and I devised my own style change to have a facing /yoke thing happening around the neckline. No instructions, so I dreamed this up.

First I sewed the yoke and facing together with a long basting stitch all around the outside edge. The facing has a very lightweight fusible interfacing.

I trimmed and clipped the edges, then turned it right side out, and pressed. The purpose of this step was to press the pieces into the finished shape.

After pressing, I removed the basting thread and separated the pieces again.

Now it is pinned together, right sides together:I stitched mitred corners on the front points. Silk charmeuse is so slippery- this step would make for an easier time on the top-stitching to come.
Once the neckline seam was sewn, pressed, trimmed and clipped, I hand-basted the facing to the bodice.

On the bodice, I had created gathering just along the V, using a fairly short machine stitch and pulling the threads.
I used the machine to sew the facing to the bodice.

The, I just repeated the hand-basting and machine stitching on the outer yoke (I suppose that is the correct term)

For the hem, I turned the fabric over a half inch and pressed. Machine-stitched a hem. Trimmed little uneven spots and turned it over a half inch again. Machine-stitched the hem.
I find this gives nice body to the hem and it looks neat.
I love working with silk. It is so luxurious to handle and comfortable to wear. It does take some practice but as long as I take my time, hand baste and treat the fabric with respect, it treats me well, too!
Happy sewing everyone!


  1. Very nice neckline, will be a beautiful dress.

  2. It's coming along beautiful. I love the design and the colour! What helps me a lot with silk is starching it two-three times with a spray starch. It makes it so much easier to handle and doesn't stain or leave any marks.

  3. This is coming along nicely! I agree - if you're patient and repsect your fabrics it makes sewing them so much easier.

  4. I am a bit scared to sew with slippery silk. It is very inspiring to see your beautiful tunic develop, as you give such clear step-by -step explanations of what you are doing to get such great results. Thank you!

  5. The neckline looks so nice. The finished garment will be gorgeous :)


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