Sunday, March 16, 2008

Comfort Sewing

Kinda like comfort food. Stuff your Mom makes.

My DD is soooooo miserable right now as she recovers from a tonsilectomy. Together we watched the whole first season of "90210". In one of the episodes the girl has a slumber party and they wear luxurious mens' pajamas. That's how this sleep shirt came about.

I dragged out my charmeuse silks and she picked this one from Gorgeous Fabrics. What dreamy fabric!!

I used a Burda World of Fashion pattern from December 2006 (an issue I bought while visiting her in Germany, how sentimental).

I had 3 yards and it was the perfect amount for an oversized kneelength sleepshirt. I sewed French seams to keep the inside tidy. I feel so sorry for her suffering - it seemed the least I could do.

Good news, she loves it.

I hope she gets lots of wear from it in happier days to come.


  1. Wow, what a great mom! Giving up yummy silk charmeuse for luxury loungewear for someone else! You get the 'Sweet Sewing Enthusiast of the Month' award!

    And it looks great, too! She'll love that for a long time.

  2. Robin, that looks like the ultimate in luxe sleepwear. What a wonderful mom you are.

  3. A wonderful mom indeed. Bet your daughter is very happy with this luxurious, comfortable pajamas.

  4. Pretty and covered buttons, too! What a great mom!

  5. What a great sleepshirt! I want one, too!
    I hope your DD feels better soon.
    90210 rocked! (back then)

  6. What a thoughtful Mom :)
    The nightshirt looks really nice and would I'm sure have brightened her day :)


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