Sunday, January 13, 2008

Recycling Stuff

One of these days I will sew this jacket using the free pattern I earned by posting a fabric review at Timmel Fabrics website. Haven't you always looked at these sporty jackets and thought, "I can make that!" Well, if you are reading my blog, you have probably thought that. (Most normal people probably do not think that!)

Anyway, the hardest part of these proejcts is finding the proper notions, so .... I will recycle zippers and such whenever I get the chance.

The vest that used to contain the zippers was a real lint magnet and it drove me crazy. When I see the perfect fabric for a new jacket (or vest) I will grab it, knowing I have the right zippers and elastic draw-string thingie.

In other sewing current events, it occurs to me that I love to do alterations for the kids. It is one of the very few ways I can give a little gift that is truly appreciated. (You know it is hard to shop for a young adult - they have very specific tastes). Kelly got an adorable dress at Ann Taylor Loft that needed a little extra shaping- it took me about 45 minutes. And Laura wanted to turn her flare-legs into narrow-leg jeans. I taught her how to use a seam ripper and she removed the seams & pressed them. Another quick win. Too bad I didn't think to take before & after pics!

We came to the conclusion that seam ripping is a pretty relaxing activity, hence the recycled zippers!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. I like that Jalie pattern. I couldn't decide between 2676 or your 2679.I ended up getting 2676, but am planning on getting the 2679too :). I like your idea of recycling zippers.


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