Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!! 2008 Goals

Yes, I suppose I do have some goals for 2008. Only, it's kinda like I am planning my indulgences, not reining in my bad habits. Honestly I don't think I have any bad habits.

  • I want to visit NYC to shop at all the great stores.
  • I want to take time for Home Dec. sewing. Instead of slapping a blanket up as a curtain (because it is already hemmed on 3 sides out of 4!) I want to take my time and sew some beautiful draperies.
  • I want to sew separates for myself that mix and match and suitable for year-round office wear. As close as I can get, anyway. Obviously there will still be wool in the winter and linen in the summer.


  1. Happy New Year. You have nice reasonable goals. I'd have to say I'd love to shop at Metro Textiles too :)
    Glad to hear you are fully recovered from your hysterectomy. I had mine when I was 34.(11 yrs ago)
    I luckily recovered very very quickly :)
    My first day back to work, after being off 6 weeks, I had to do a 5 km run :(

  2. A 5 km run?? And you survived?
    Wow! I told one of my co-workers that I was planning to paint my ceilings while I was out on sick leave. Ummm, that did not happen :)

  3. Nice post. I hope you get to do the thinkgs that you want in 2008. Life is too short to restrict yourself. I hope one day to get to Metro Textiles too. I hope Kashi lives that long...lol


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