Thursday, January 24, 2008

19 Buttons- ON!

Apologies for blurry pictures! I snapped these in a rush just before I left the house for work today. My buttons arrived from Atlanta Thread and Supply so I got to sew on all 19 buttons last night. Today is the first time I am wearing a complete outfit sewn by me, YAY!
Since LauraLo asked, here is a picture of me wearing the burda coat 129 from December 2007 issue. For fun, I posed just like Laura poses when she puts up pictures on her blog :)

The 19 buttons went onto burda wof blouse 106 from January 2008 issue. Here is the fruit of my pattern-alteration labors: The back, especially in the shoulders, fits me. Big Yay.

And from the front:

Happy Sewing!!


  1. Oh Robin, the coat looks gorgeous on you and that pose flatters you! You look like a dancer and you have the most charming smile!
    The shirt is beautiful and the fit is perfect. I love the pleats in the front and the longer cuffs, but as I said on the SWAP thread, I love all the shirts in the January issue. I also like a lot how you wear the shirt, with the collar up.

  2. Pity the photos look a bit blurry (I know how difficult it is to photograph oneself, esp. when in a hurry!) but we can definitely see that both the coat and the blouse are gorgeous. The blouse fits just perfectly. The coat is very graceful. Or maybe you are? :) You have a lovely smile :)

  3. Robin, your blouse and jacket look absolutely great. All the work you did on the patterns really comes thru :) ...the fit/style of the blouse is perfect. We can "feel" your pleasure in your smile :)

  4. Robin, the beauty of the blouse comes through despite the pictures! And yeah, that you got to wear an entire SWAP outfit!

  5. The blouse looks lovely on you! Nice coat and nice pose too!

  6. Great coat and blouse. Just started that blouse myself, good to see yours turned out so beautiful.


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