Monday, December 31, 2007

A place to get comfortable

A couple weeks ago, DH told me "there is no place in this house where I can get comfortable".
Oooooh, well that is UNACCEPTABLE. Who knew? So we have been shopping for Laz-y-Boys.
Haven't seen anything we like yet, so I dragged this old friend up from the basement.
It is an unusually small, but very well made leather chair & ottoman that used to be in hid Mom's house. For some reason, I believe it was exposed to longterm storage and the leather is completely trashed. But, DH loves it.

So, I went over to G Street and picked up some interesting fabric that mimics the distressed leather. (A marked down silk remnant, really amazing fabric)

I whipped up some slipcover action and made a little roll pillow with the leftovers.
This is my little present to him.

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  1. WOW, It looks great Robin. The room looks sooooo cozy, what a nice gift :) Happy New Year :)


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