Sunday, December 16, 2007

new sewing space ..............................

We've got a little creative upheaval going on here- I dismantled my sewing nook and painted primer on the walls.
I NEED clean white space for my projects.

Soon to come is better lighting, more elbow room and a Laz-y-Boy for DH. (He is more into spectator sewing)
Welcome to my new sewing space!


  1. Hi Robin! Your space is looking good. And a new blog??

  2. Welcome to the blogger, Robin, I'm glad to find you here!

  3. Hi Robin, I'm Beth, Karen's re-new to sewing friend. The one with the new machine and bad PJ's. LOL. I didn't know you're a CPA, hey, me too. And for a similar reason, I wanted to wear "real" clothes, not just jeans and sweathers and not really suits, just cool clothes.
    Nice new Blog, btw.


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