Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sewing With a Plan - 2008

January 1 is the start date of the annual Sewalong and I am getting ready.  The painting in my sewing nook is happening now, because I knew I'd be sewing a lot from Jan 1 til I finish. The rules allow two garments to be sewn prior to the first of January. I made these black pants in November.
The rest of my sewing plans revolve around the other garment I sewed prior to January 1, a skirt. This paisley brocade came from EmmaOneSock, a wonderful resource for special fabrics

That lilac wall will be white very soon!


  1. Cool skirt and pants. You are WAAAAY ahead of me on all this SWAP stuff. I have made nothing in advance :-(

  2. I LOVE that skirt! The wool denim will definitely look great with it. I'm jealous of you guys who can do the SWAP. I have ADD when it comes to sewing, I swear. I can't keep to a plan.


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