Saturday, December 29, 2007

The After-Holiday Holiday

I have a big 'ole mess in the house. Evidence of an active family.
There are Christmas presents everywhere, a well-cooked-in kitchen (read: covered in a slight film of grease and flour) and the pantry is bare.

On top of that, I painted my sewing room over the last 10 days. I used low-odor paint (Aura by Benjamin Moore- truly fantastic stuff) so it didn't bother anybody else.
But I am super sensitive to odors, I can't yet spend long periods of time in the room.

DH & kids have flown out to varying points west, visiting loved ones and I am left at home alone.

Gloriously alone.

Am I the only one one who loves time in my cave? Remember "Men are from Mars ...."? The author purported (metaphorically) that men retreat to caves while women wring their hands and beg for companionship.
Ummmm, not me. I treasure time to re-charge the batteries.

Only, I call it puttering. Or homemaking. I will make lists, refill the napkin holder, salt & pepper containers and replenish catfood. I will wash and clean this whole place. I will pack away Christmas decorations.
I will sip coffee and read blogs I like.
And I will restore my spirit.

I would post pics but the USB cord is lost somewhere is a teenager-ish mess.
Happy Holidays, All!


  1. count me as a cave dweller too. my dh is home this week....and driving me a bit batty. he wants to invite people over, go out, visit people, etc. i want to putter around the house. i want to sew, read books, watch movies while curled up under a quilt. it isn't that i don't enjoy being with people, i just need some quiet time to recharge and regroup.


  2. I'm so glad you started your blog up again! I had no idea, but followed the link here from your signature line at SG
    Happy New Year!
    I too love my own time and space. My alone time. I think it comes from having been a single mom for so many years, when the kids were in bed, I had my own time.
    Right now dh has been home from work for 14 days and I'm so ready for him to go back. ;) hehe, don't tell him that.

  3. "Gloriously alone."

    Oh yes! Especially after the holiday togetherness....

    I love all my family members, but I need time to decompress...and sew!



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